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Surface Water Management – Awareness Training

Surface Water Management Training

$ 188.89

SEQM Training’s Surface Water Management Awareness Training Course. (SWM)

1/2 Day Online Self-Paced

*This whole course can be done in the comfort of your home or workplace.


  • Start Learning Immediately – Instant Access to 3 hours (approx. 1/2 Day) Self-Paced Online Course Materials
  • Learn how to implement best practice to significantly lower the risk of pollution incidents.
  • Maintain project timelines and avoid costly interruptions by proactively managing environmental risks.
  • Highest Quality Course Materials – ONLINE!
  • Engaging tests and case studies using latest learning technology
  • SEQM Training Certificate of Completion
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Surface Water Management is Essential in Preventing Water Pollution

It is an offence to pollute surface and groundwaters as they are covered by Legislation. 

Building sites located near surface waters, or near or using drainage systems leading to surface waters have to be extra careful in managing site activities to reduce the risk of pollution. This applies to your company and subcontractors working under the organisation. 

The consequences of failing to effectively manage and prevent pollution include: 

  • Fines 
  • Court appearances or even prison sentences 
  • Clean up costs 
  • Loss of revenue from pausing projects for investigations 
  • Brand reputation damage 
  • Project delays 

The SEQM TRAINING Surface Water Management Awareness course educates site staff in the importance of pollution prevention, the relevant legislation, potential sources of water pollution, and best practices for prevention. 

The course considers effective measures from the construction planning, design and implementation phases and the course covers everything in order to satisfy the companies regulatory requirements, maximise learner efficiency and reduce the risk of a pollution incident occurring. 


To provide employees with the training they need to: 

  • Understand the legislation surrounding water pollution prevention in the UK. 
  • Learn the consequences of water pollution and their responsibilities. 
  • Understand best practices for managing surface water and water pollution prevention. 
  • Understand the fundamentals of Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) 
  • Minimise the risk of a water pollution incident occurring. 


  • Site management and supervisors. 
  • Anyone involved in planning, designing and implementing building site activities.


Module 1 – Introduction to Surface Water Management 

  • Why water pollution prevention is important​ 
  • UK Environmental regulators for water​ 
  • The Source Pathway Receptor​ 
  • Licenses, permits and consent​ 
  • Best practises for water pollution prevention 

Module 3 – Useful Guidance for Managing Surface Water 

  • Setting-up sites​​ 
  • Site drainage​​ 
  • Treating on-site water​​ 
  • Disposing of site water​​ 
  • Managing silt​​ 
  • Storing or using fuel or oil​​ 
  • Working in or near watercourses​​ 
  • Spillage response​ 

Module 2 – Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS)?​​ 

  • What is a Sustainable Drainage System (SuDS)?​​ 
  • What are the benefits of using SuDS?​​ 
  • Implementation considerations​​ 
  • Managing surface water runoff​​ 
  • SuDS design approach​​ 
  • SuDS planning & maintenance. 

Module 4 – Case Studies 

  • Preventing spills from generators with fuel tanks​​ 
  • Incident response​​ 
  • Oil spill – ground contamination​​ 
  • High risk oil storage tank –breaking all the rules​​ 
  • Planning to reduce pollution​​ 
  • Managing silt near water courses​​ 
  • Hydraulic hose failure​​ 
  • Dealing with trade effluent from washing down vehicles​​ 
  • Pollution Prevention Checklist 


The SWM course is a dynamic combination of video lessons, engaging Interactive Exercises and Q&A sessions developed by one of our highly experienced trainers. 

The course is approximately 2.5 hours duration. 

At the end of the course trainees need to pass a final assessment to prove that they have learnt the information and can demonstrate an understanding. On successful completion, attendees are able to download individual certificates in their name to prove that they have understood and completed the course successfully. 

Two delivery formats are available: 

1) Pure Online

Course is available to start immediately and complete in your own time and pace.

2) Live Trainer

If you are a construction company or have SWM issues and would prefer a live tutor, we can provide an experienced trainer with construction site auditing experience. 

The trainer will guide the trainees through each lesson and discuss / give feedback for the exercises at the end of each module, host Question and Answer (Q&A) sessions and answer any queries as they arise within the sessions. The course utilises the latest online learning management technology blended with a live trainer to optimise the trainee’s experience. 

In the event that any trainees are unable to attend a Live Trainer session, a pure online course will be made available to them to access at any time.